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LegalClarus is a LegalTech StartUp, which is Hong Kong’s first legal needs matching marketplace.The company aims to
👉🏻 Make law services more accessible and affordable - to empower both Clients and Lawyers;
👉🏻 Create digital marketing solutions for all legal professionals.
I was the sole UX designer on the agile team comprised of 4 developers, 3 product owners. I was responsible for determining the overall design direction of the project while collaborating with the rest of the team on ideation.


As the in-house UX designer, I worked closely with the product owner and engineering team, and took the ownership of the entire user experience, worked with the team in strategic development, ongoing refinement and refinement of product roadmap. I've focused on:🪄 Revamping the landing page to make the site more understandable
🪄 Reconstructing the main navigation & site map

The process ↓

Project Research

User Feedback

Feedback Analysis


Reconstructing Information architecture

After understanding the company, the user stories, I have reconstructed the landing page information architecture to enhance the UX.

landing page final design

Ideation & Mockup of the site

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